Dating Rand McNally and Gousha Maps In cases when the year of publication was not shown on the cover or in the legend, map companies put date codes at the bottom. Are you researching your family history? Historical maps give you important details about business and property ownership, they can be a significant source. Read More dating direct now match com japan A timeline of maps covering plus years of world history begins with a map of the ancient world in BC, showing the first civilization. Hi All, I just bought a piece of wrapping paper with a map of the world on It has a date at the bottom: Ohio Historical Maps and Atlases The state of Ohio collection contains atlases spanning years of growth and development through A unique approach to historical Mapping Historical maps of the world One map for each and every year in recorded history Interactive historical atlases on CD. Bartholomew Edinburgh premises – usually given on map covers: From about until an abbreviated dating code was adopted using the last. We do not offer world globe dating services and cannot provide an appraisal of your world globe, but more Historical Place-Name Map Changes July,

How to Identify the Age of Rand McNally Maps & Globes

A portion of the Tabula Peutingeriana The Turin Papyrus Map is sometimes characterized as the earliest known road map. Drawn around BC, it depicts routes along dry river beds through a mining region east of Thebes in Ancient Egypt. It is a fragment of a map drawn onto a leather portion of a shield by a Roman soldier in c. It depicts several towns along the northwest coast of the Black Sea. The Gough Map , dating to about , is the oldest known road map of Great Britain.

Rand McNally is one of the world’s foremost publishers of maps, atlases and globes. The company was founded by Chicago printers William Rand and Andrew McNally and produced its first map in for its Railroad Guide. The Business Atlas followed four years later. Rand McNally made its first globe in and first road map in

There can be different map codes on each sub-map that is part of the overall map. I don’t know the meaning of these letters, but they can sometimes confuse dating maps by map code. They don’t seem to have any value in dating Gousha maps. Month Code Many map codes contain a number between 1 and 12, this appears to be a month code and will vary in location in the codes. Small Date Codes “Small Date Codes” are separate from the “Map codes” and in the case of Conoco maps are found on the back cover in the lower right hand corner from to They usually contain 4 numbers like , the 4 is the month of issue, the 38 is the last two digits of the year of issue, and the 2 is the revision number.

These codes are excellent for quickly dating maps as you do not have to open the map to read the code and for the most part these codes are unique to a given map, but they may not be consistent with the “Map codes” when dating maps.

Maps Antique World Maps to Present

The avenues were super-wide, the houses were small and had big lawns, and things were generally a great deal more suburban, not in the quaint small-town sense I had that exprience in Port Washington, where I worked from and again but in the somewhat boring, bedroom to the city sense. I suppose it all depends how welcome I am made to feel. Albans, Laurelton, and Rosedale for inspiration.

Dating Rand McNally and Gousha Maps In cases when the year of publication was not shown on the cover or in the legend, map companies put date codes at the bottom of the main map. The table below shows the codes for two main map producers, Rand McNally and H.M. Gousha.

For information regarding chapter activities, contact Chapter President Mike McNaull at mmcnaull hotmail. We have collectors with a jawdropping number of maps and petroliana, collectors with scrap books full of post cards and imagery, and collectors of classic automobiles that are contained in multiple buildings. This writer, being involved in a surveying and mapping career, holds special his own collection of road maps.

Recently, I found some interesting information at the web site of the Road Map Collectors Association www. I thought it would be of interest to other readers who share an interest in those old gas station maps. On the oldest maps prepared for Sohio, Rand McNally simply used a letter code.

download Ottawa/Hull City Map [pdf] by Gousha

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania — Canonsburg is a borough in Washington County, Pennsylvania,18 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. Canonsburg was laid out by Colonel John Canon in and incorporated in , the town is in a rich coal district, and most of the towns work force once worked in local steel mills or coal mines. Canonsburgs population in , including South Canonsburg, which was annexed in , was 5, , in it was 10, , the population was 8, at the census.

Interstate 79 and Route 19 pass through the town, as do several railroad lines, the active railroad system in Canonsburg is now The Pittsburgh and Ohio Central Railroad. A trolley used to operate from Washington, Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh through Canonsburg until , jonathan Letterman, the Father of Battlefield Medicine during the Civil War, was also born in Canonsburg.

The town was the birthplace of the members of the group, The Four Coins.

When dating large scale maps should be more accurate and gousha maps issued between and aerial photograph. Our mailing list of farms. Os maps from searching to .

Subscribe to our mailing list The History of Maps Expanding Horizons European exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries drew on many sources. A growing desire for expansion and trade, along with advances in shipbuilding and commercial technique, fostered the search for new markets and for the legendary sources of precious metals and other commodities. Portuguese exploration and trade along the West African coast and to Atlantic islands, encouraged and directed by Prince Henry de Avis, the Navigator, continued throughout the 15th century.

He assembled an international team of experts which made revolutionary advances in geography, navigation, and cartography. Handbooks, guides, and charts, along with the invention of more sophisticated and practical nautical instruments, professional-ized what had been largely an intuitive craft. Crucial to these innovations were Muslim and Jewish contributions in mapmaking and navigational instruments.

Christopher Columbus went to sea on the crest of these maritime advances. Imagined and Observed European world view in the late 15th century wavered between bizarre imaginings about the unknown and scientific observations of the known. T-O maps illustrate a Medieval world view laid out into three continents by a T within a circle, but also record real and imagined countries.

Theories of the universe first proposed by ancient Greek or Roman philosophers were accepted well into the 16th century. For example, the Vopel globe was based on Ptolemy’s idea of an earth-centered universe. Ironically, it was made in , the same year that Nicolaus Copernicus published his heliocentric, or sun-centered, theory of the universe. Caspar Vopel was a master-craftsman of astronomical and navigational tools.

He made the sphere encircling the globe so that the seasonal changes in the orbits of the heavenly bodies could be observed.

U.S. Route 11 in Louisiana

The first requires two objects from the game to be entered, which is already saying something given the large number of one-use clutter. The second , however, is a bit more complex. When you enter the first screen, it has a message something along the lines of “Protection Ace of Hearts over Three of Clubs First Hole”.

It turns out the manual tells what the question is, and the game came with a number of hole-punched playing cards. Only by correctly laying the cards over each other and examining a hole can you figure out the required code to get on with it. The Genie’s Curse features copy-protection in the form of a question whose answer you need to look up on a page in the manual in order to start playing.

The map, produced by the H.M Gousha Co. of Chicago, is undated, but silhouettes of cars on the cover would indicate late s or s. Mileage and driving time along main transcontinental highways, like Route 66, is estimated at one hour and 40 minutes for a distance of 75 miles.

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Dating Gas Station Road Maps including Map Codes

The once and future library By Thomas Frey Published: As physical books go away, and computers and smart devices take their place, at what point does a library stop being a library and start becoming something else? Somewhere in the middle of this question lies the nagging fear and anxiety that we see brimming to the top among library insiders. People who think libraries are going away simply because books are going digital are missing the true tectonic shifts taking place in the world of information.

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Dating Gas Station Road Maps including Map Codes Map Codes It is important to understand “Map codes” to be able to quickly date maps published by H. M. Gousha.

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