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An accessory kit, supplied by the manufacturer,shall be used to convert to propane gas use or may be required for Clearance arrows some natural gas applications. The furnace should be installed as level as possible. Provide ample space for servicing and cleaning. Always comply with the minimum fire protection clearances shown on the unit rating plate. If furnace is installed on a raised platform to provide a return-air plenum, and return air is taken directly from The operation of exhaust fans, kitchen ventilation fans, hallway or space adjacent to furnace, all air for combustion clothes dryers, or fireplaces could create a NEGATIVE must come from outdoors. Connect supply- and return-air ducts. Install X in.

DIY PV System Installation

This system is very large, big enough to be used for a business. The filters last a long time as well. Water tastes great – we are very

Britex. Britex is internationally recognised as one of the world’s most innovative designers and fabricators of stainless steel products, commercial grade plumbing fixtures and architectural fittings.

NET discussion forum here. There could be different solutions to that question and I thought it would be better to put forth mine with actual code provided, which might be too long to post as reply in the discussion forum. So, I decided to post it here for better readability. This would cause issue when a command is active with AutoCAD usually, it is in the middle of the command, waiting for user input and user goes to the PaletteSet to trigger another command, as described in the question posted in the discussion forum, such as clicking a button to call a command to insert a block.

In this case, the interaction with PaletteSet either results in AutoCAD command line showing error message; or nothing happens at AutoCAD command line – the active command is still waiting to be either completed, or cancelled. One way to handle this issue is always test if there is active command in PaletteSet’ user interaction event handler first, and only goes ahead when there is no active command. Obviously the latter approach would be desirable in most cases and and more compliant with AutoCAD conventions.

So, here is my solution to the question posted in the forum aforementioned. Firstly I created a custom PaletteSet. Following is the code of the Palette System. UserControl , which simply has 2 buttons; each button’s Tag property is given a valid block name; that means, clicking on each button would trigger a block inserting command. Since the UI is very simple, I only show it code behind here: Also, custom PaletteSet conveys the user input information what block is to insert.

Drum Lifters

There are various jib crane models from which to choose: Bushman specializes in custom-engineered jib cranes for unqiue applications. These jib cranes are particularly useful when ceiling height is limited. They can be mounted to a wall or column within three inches of the ceiling, providing valuable additional inches of lifting range.

Get 12 trigger 3D models, printing files and textures on 3DOcean. Buy trigger CG textures & 3D models from $4. All from our global community of 3D artists.

Below I describe how I made the switch and solved minor problems. It also doesn’t have points that wear changing dwell and timing and burn reducing current flow and therefore amount of spark. The GMC V8 from Truck engine sizes were , , and cubic inches. They introduced the HEI distributor in The HEI cap is about an inch bigger in diameter causes problems later, see below and somewhat taller no problem under a GMC truck hood.

The Distributor I bought a distributor from a ’76 full size Pontiac equipped with a cubic inch V8.


Troubleshooting Guide Baseboard heater strips come from the manufacturer with built-in thermostats. They do the job that they were designed to do, but they have drawbacks. First, quite often using them means getting down on the floor and crawling under or behind tables to adjust them. Second, if you have two or more baseboard heaters in the same room, you have to adjust each of them individually. It is much more convenient and efficient to connect the baseboard heaters in parallel and hook them up to one wall-mounted, across-the-line thermostat.

Measure and mark a spot 5 feet up from the floor.

VSI HOOK-UP CONFIGURATIONS If ratio of Master is NOT needed, delete the K pot and connect +Armature directly to Signal Input. Jumper clip is used to select input voltage range. When installed from DWN GMM NO AUNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED: DIMENSIONS ARE IN INCHES.

Quick Mount PV products are sold to installers, contractors, electricians, roofers and other trade professionals exclusively Are Quick Mount PV flashed mounts compatible with all rails? Quick Mount PV flashed mounts are designed to work with almost all standard racking systems. Any rail that uses standard L brackets will Will my building department recognize Quick Mount PV products?

Quick Mount PV products are recognized and welcome in jurisdictions all around the U.

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Page 8 Removing the Spray Arm Assembly 1. Disconnect the dishwasher from the house- hold electrical system. Open the dishwasher door and remove the lower rack. Use an adjustable slip-nut wrench and loosen the pump outlet nut. Lift the spray arm assembly out of the pump fitting. Disconnect the drain hose from the drain valve by loosening the Hex-head screw on the hose clamp.

dwg. msa standard shop practices apply this drawing is the property of msa – the safety company and is made available to you in confidence and subject to the following: no permission is granted to publish, use, reproduce, transmit or disclose.

I elected to use unions on either side of the valve instead of trying to run new lines thru the gear weldments. I used a small hack saw to cut the lines between the F B and F B support ribs. I left extra length on the outboard portion to give me some wiggle room to adjust to proper length and be able to more easily flare the ends. I had to bend the tube with the spring bender forward to get at it with the flare tool. First I made the inboard lengths of line that connect to the Andair fuel valve and go down and outboard thru the F B support rib.

I cut the outboard lines, installed nut and sleeve, the flared the end and attached the union. I pretty much just eyeballed were to cut the inboard line to match up to the union. This was much easier as I was able to pull this little length thru the hole in the F B support rib to a position that I needed to flare the end.

Once flared, I reconnected to the Andair fuel valve and the union to the outboard length of line. The inboard lengths are easy to duplicate: From there 4″ more from outside radius to outside radius of a 45 degree bend.


Ladder cages consist of a series of circular safety hoops and vertical steel bars fastened to the stiles. Although ladder cages may impart a sense of safety, they are not designed to arrest falls; ladder cage systems merely prevent worker falling backwards. In the event of a fall directly down without regaining a grip, a worker can sustain serious injury or easily injure others below on the ladder.

For these reasons, we recommend a vertical lifeline as part of every permanent structural ladder design. Whether your facility uses permanent ladder systems, portable ladders, or a combination of both, DFP fall protection engineers can help identify your ladder fall hazards, make specific recommendations to increase the safety of your ladder systems, and implement a safety and training program to ensure worker safety and OSHA compliance.

At least two loads of pounds kg each, concentrated between any two consecutive attachments the number and position of additional concentrated loads of pounds kg each, determined from anticipated usage of the ladder, shall also be included , plus anticipated loads caused by ice buildup, winds, rigging, and impact loads resulting from the use of ladder safety devices.

b MOUNTING THE SWLE-RBH-DL TO A SAFEWAZE FULL BODY HARNESS To Fasten To Harness: 1. Ensure that the curved portion of SW is in a downward orientation relative to the harness (See Dwg. 1).

Each pair consists of a solid colored wire and a white wire with a stripe of the same color. The pairs are twisted together. To maintain reliability on Ethernet, you should not untwist them any more than necessary like about 1 cm. I strip about 1″ of jacket off, then separate the wires in order, pinching firmly between thumb and finger, while bending back and forth and mashing. There are two wiring standards for these cables, called “T A” and T B” They differ only in connection sequence, not in use of the various colors.

The illustration shown is for T B. The other two pairs, Brown and Blue, can be used for a second Ethernet line or for phone connections. Note that the Blue pair is on the center pins and conveniently corresponds to the Red and Green pair in a normal phone line.

Snap Hooks, Bolt Snaps, Swivel Hooks, Snaps, Spring Snaps

ATEM switches between SD, HD or Ultra HD video standards so you can form exciting live production with a wide range of video sources such as cameras, disk recorders and slide shows or animation from computers. You get powerful features such as chroma key, creative transitions, media pool, downstream keyers, audio mixer, multi view and more! You get an incredibly high performance live production switcher designed to work with the latest formats and high frame rates, all the way up to Ultra HD p It combines modern design with the latest broadcast technology for faster workflows.

The new design features a built in LCD and high quality curved buttons that help reduce incorrect key presses. The buttons also have color backlighting to help you quickly recognize important keys.

Modine Hot Dawg HD propane and natural gas garage heater information and parts. *Ratings shown are for elevations up to 2, feet above sea level. For elevations above 2, ft., ratings should be reduced by approximately 4% for each 1, ft. above sea level.

Pretty enough for a woman to wear! Lovely ivory silk satin suspenders or braces without the hardware Lovely for display as is, or add the hardware to wear. Beautiful embroidery of little red buds and light blue forget-me-nots flowers with green flowers. Also Listed in the Lingerie Category. I’m also offering this simple wax headpiece to be worn with the wedding gown above. Although it didn’t come with the wedding gown, it’s very similar to what was worn, so you might want to purchase to go with the silk net veil that comes with the gown above.

One side shows a bit more messiness with the thread that may have been attached to the original veil. LOVE the unique daisies in this piece. As with most of these vintage wedding headpieces, the veils are a bit dry and you may want to just get a new one for a few dollars White and Ecru beads and faux pearls beads edged in netting. But if you want to great vintage look Always great to have the absolute provenance with a wedding gown.


Design Understanding Basic Fire Alarm Systems Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge into fire alarm system design and installation just yet, you should still know the fundamentals in order to perform emergency work. This includes knowing how to disarm the control panel of a deranged system and troubleshoot the heads, pull stations, horns, and zone wiring so that the equipment goes back online, restoring fire protection for the building.

David Herres Dec 01, Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge into fire alarm system design and installation just yet, you should still know the fundamentals in order to perform emergency work. Because these ailments can be frequent with older and newly commissioned systems alike, it’s important for electrical contractors to understand the basics of fire alarm systems. A medium-sized control panel with touchpad for alarm and trouble silence and system reset is shown above.

The modern fire alarm system is capable of detecting smoke and heat from a small flame, water flow in a sprinkler system or an activated pull station, and reporting this information to on-site personnel via dedicated phone line to any location in the world.

UDC is a high-powered microprocessor-based temperature controller, available in the popular 1/4 DIN size. Besides temperature, it monitors and controls pressure, flow, level and other process variables and is ideal for wash-down applications in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The Tailtwister is one of the most popular rotators in the Hygain product line. It has been the standard to what competing rotators have tried to match since the TX-2 Tailtwister rotor was introduced. Its wind load with mast adapter is 10 square feet. It has inches-pounds in turning power and inches-pounds in brake power. The effective movement in the tower is feet-pounds. A new automatic 5-second brake delay insures that the rotator is fully stopped before the brake is engaged.

No more accidentally engaging the brake while the rotator is in movement. New alloy ring gear has tensile strength of , psi for max reliability. The indicator potentiometer has been improved for greater reliability.

Importing DWG Files Into SOLIDWORKS

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