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His official title at Duck Commander is Shipping Manager, but he also builds duck calls and manages supplies. He has worked at Duck Commander since John Godwin, or as his fellow employees call him, Godwin, was born on September 6, in Louisiana. Godwin met Phil Robertson when Godwin was just a boy. His daddy took him to a duck calling contest. Godwin thought he was just there to watch, but his daddy told him that he had entered him into the contest. When Godwin came back from his practice, his daddy asked him if he was going to use the Duck Commander call that he was given for his birthday that year. They fell in love and married in Godwin tells of how he started running with the wrong crowd and started drinking a little too much.

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It took me a long time to figure out what they were, because the birds were made separately from the metal wrought iron holders, hence the confusion. If you research primitive chukar hunting decoy, I was able to find an almost exact replica of ONE of the decoys. Looking at many duck decoy websites, this is the first pair I have ever seen together. Please note – I will NOT separate these decoys! They have been together for a very long time! Basically you have two hollow tin decoys, with the wrapped tin at the base that would be placed on a wood piece in a marshy area to attract other birds.

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Mail icon Four of the duck decoys among the plus lots to be sold beginning at 10 a. And two ducks made by the famed Ward Brothers of Crisfield, Md. What distinguishes these ducks from others that do well at auction is their function as working, as opposed to purely decorative, decoys, although the Ward Brothers black duck was never used, according to the catalog description.

The two Ward Brothers decoys also have heads slightly turned, a nod to enhancing their credibility to the ducks they lured. The bulk of the decoys are far more affordable, particularly the newer, nonworking models. A large number of the decoys were made by New Jerseyans. Steve Morey of Tuckerton has more than two dozen, most with presale estimates in the mid-three-figure range. There are 10 decoys by the Shourds dynasty, also expected to bring three figures.

Perhaps the most unusual decoy is a swan carved by Bob Kerr of Smith Falls, Ontario, in a sleeping position, with its bill tucked under a raised wing. Previews are 11 a. For more information, call or go to www. Fall sale at Slosberg’s. Also on Sunday, beginning at 10 a. Slosberg will start its three-day Fall Quality Auction with about lots of furniture, carpets, clocks and artwork, including two dozen pieces that cast light on a little-known neighborhood in Chestnut Hill.

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The cave is about feet long and 35 feet wide. Lovelock Cave is one of the most important classic sites of the Great Basin region because the conditions of the cave are conducive to the preservation of organic and inorganic material. It was the first major cave in the Great Basin to be excavated. The large rock shelter is north of modern day Humboldt Sink.

The Decoy Bride is a British rom-com starring Alice Eve as a celebrity bride-to-be who runs away from her fiancé and has to be “replaced” by a local girl played by Kelly Macdonald.

Moorestown Police Officer Tom Lewis, born and raised in Burlington City, has always possessed a resourcefulness, knack for woodworking and love of the great outdoors. At age 6, Lewis began carving wooden masterpieces out of whatever tools he could find, including glass, scrap metal, weaving grass and sticks. Without instruction, he would create canoes, totem poles and figures inspired by the natural objects in nature. As a child, he did not have the money to buy decoys, so instead he started making them.

Lewis often spent hours by a woodpile with a hatchet, and in any kind of weather, removing all wood from his pieces that did not resemble a duck. Then at age 13, he additionally began taking carving lessons with another local carver, Vince Gianetto III. However, while he now also carves in the Barnegat Bay style, he tries to reach a balance of staying true to his roots in style and technique.

Upon showing Doherty his work, the collector and author strongly encouraged Lewis to continue pursuing his work as a decoy artist. I would then use those photographs to carve some of my decoys. Having given up watching television, he now carves just about every day he is off work, sometimes spending between 12 to 18 hours in his studio. Then, in he won several blue ribbons for species and took first, second and third in class.

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Jessen, a talking history lesson for visitors to his small shop in Tuckerton Seaport, explains that ducks and decoys are as much a part of the Shore as clamming and fishing. Parker Decoy Shop that duck hunting and decoy carving were winter occupations for baymen. The industry peaked with the advent of train travel in the s as hunters lured ducks with decoys and trains helped them get fresh birds to market.

Unique antique firearms dating into the mids and older that will be welcome conversation pieces for any home.

The men had a little too much Tennessee sippin’ whiskey, and thought it would be funny to place some of their live duck decoys it was legal then for hunters to use live decoys in the beautiful Peabody fountain. Three small English call ducks were selected as “guinea pigs,” and the reaction was nothing short of enthusiastic. Thus began a Peabody tradition which was to become internationally famous. Pembroke became The Peabody Duckmaster, serving in that capacity for 50 years until his retirement in Nearly 90 years after the inaugural march, ducks still visit the lobby fountain at 11 a.

Reserve the Ducky Day Family Package to learn even more about these special ducks. Read More Read Less just a few fun facts about our ducks Ducks were not the first residents of The Peabody’s lobby fountain. Rumor has it that turtles and baby alligators each briefly graced the fountain in the s. The Peabody Ducks are five North American mallards – one drake male with a white collar and green head and four hens females with less colorful plumage.

Duck is not served anywhere at The Peabody and has not been seen on the hotel’s menus since its reopening, quite possibly making Chez Philippe the only French restaurant in the world that does not offer duck. The Peabody Ducks do not have individual names. However, the very first team of ducks were Peabody, Gayoso and Chisca – named for the three hotels owned by the Memphis Hotel Company in

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Carved using Jim Kelson’s Patterns from the Mt. Over the years there has been some confusion due to some early misspellings, but his name was and is Johnston, not Johnson. Although, it is interesting to note that of Ralph’s eight brothers and sisters that lived to adulthood, many often spelled their last name as Johnson until their father or other sibling corrected them.

Johnston and Anna Ellen nee Rauch Johnston. Jenner Township is located 50 miles ESE of downtown Pittsburgh and is where the majority of their 12 children would be born.

Jan 14,  · Used wooden decoys we found and worked for a carver we traded labor for decoys. Navy interrupted my duck hunting. When I got out, ducks were gone (for a number of reasons).

The discoveries made at this site played a critical role in our understanding of duck decoys. Here we’ll take a closer look at some of these discoveries and the impact they’ve had. Lovelock Cave is a naturally occurring cave roughly feet long and 37 feet wide that rests right outside the city of Lovelock, Nevada. Scientists and geologists believe water from the nearby Lake Lohontan shaped it through the course of millions of years. Today, there’s only a dry lake bed sitting in the basin where Lohontan used to be.

As you may have guessed, there were large populations of bats inhabiting the cave.


This decoy was never rigged, weighted, or used. It has thick detailed original paint with no wear and the “Evans Decoy”, factory stamp on the bottom. It has just a few flakes of paint loss on the tail and the neck seat areas and a tight crack in the neck with no movement, that runs to the seat area and not through the neck. This is truly an investment grade Evans Decoy for the serious collector.

Harold’s first decoys were designed using Lowery patterns. Walter Lowery even painted and carved the heads of Harold’s first decoy rig.

Huge flocks of duck will move in and out of your area depending on migration patterns. Your fellow duck hunters across the country keep track of the migration, and this information is invaluable as you learn to duck .

Tuesday, November 1, at 1: It was still a time when Madison Mitchell dominated wooden decoy production in his part of the world, a craft that eventually headed toward its twilight years, as did Mitchell, as wooden decoy rigs gave way to plastic. The Chesapeake Bay is the largest of the estuaries located in the United States, stretching miles long and up to 35 miles wide, encompassing 11, miles of shoreline, including the tidal tributaries of Maryland and Virginia, a distance longer than the entire west coast of the United States.

A major resting and feeding habitat along the Atlantic Flyway for migratory ducks and geese, its open waters with wild sego and celery grasses are home to 29 species of waterfowl. The watermen who populated the bayside communities throughout the region harvested a great variety of seafood from its waters. The late fall arrival of ducks and geese represented another source for both sustenance and income. It was prime gunning habitat for the market hunter of yesterday, who sold their harvest for shipping by rail to the nearby accessible markets of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and Richmond.

Due to this abundance of waterfowl population, this vast Chesapeake Bay region supported more decoy makers, who produced more decoys, than any other area in the world. The identities of many of the early decoy makers from many regions have been lost to time and history, however the pioneers of Upper Chesapeake Bay decoys, men such as Holly, Graham and Dye, have been identified, with fine examples of their work surviving.

It was a time when waterfowl conservation was non-existent and years before the U.

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Oare Marshes species recorded in These are the species recorded in the area so far this year. It includes those seen from Oare Marshes e. Species List species were recorded in the area in Bittern and Spoonbill were also seen that day. The drake Green-winged Teal, though elusive at times, was seen on many dates up to at least 29th with two reported on 7th and 23rd. The adult Long-billed Dowitcher was present throughout the month with the juvenile also seen on 14th.

Sex Decoy: Love Stings is a reality show in which a private investigation company sets up decoys to tempt and catch suspected cheaters. Sandra Hope is the founder and owner of Mate Check Private.

Posted on October 21, by Scott Alexander I. Psychoanalysts argue that sons are attracted to women who look like their mothers, because they imprint on their mothers and use them as a schema for their ideal woman. Since study after study shows genes having unexpectedly big effects on behavior, and early childhood experiences with parents having unexpectedly small effects, maybe this would be a better explanation for the effect if it even exists.

Goose-ologist Konrad Lorenz raised goslings from birth. He concluded that they imprinted on their adoptive parent him and learned to prefer mates who looked like that parent. More formally, Bischof et al got some male zebra finches and arrange to have them raised by a closely-related species, Bengalese finches.

Extremely RARE pair of early s primitive tin chukar, pheasant or duck decoys

Appraiser Nancy Druckman meets a pair of ducks in Indianapolis. Nancy says the ideal decoy is “made for hunting. A Bird of a Different Feather Chances are, the duck decoys you’ve spied at your local antique shop were once floated in muddy waters, baked in the summer sun, seated on black ice, stuffed in gunny sacks, and even blasted with buckshot by their owners—not typical fare for most antiques or collectibles.

If it looks like a duck, but doesn’t sound like a duck, it’s probably a decoy. Learn more about these collectible deceivers “Decoy ducks are interesting in that they are utilitarian objects and also works of art,” says Nancy Druckman , director of the American folk art department at Sotheby’s in New York City.

In , 11 canvasback duck decoys, all more than years old, were discovered in a Nevada cave. Forerunners of the modern decoy, each was fashioned from rushes and .

DECOY DUCKS Life-like decoy ducks once lured unsuspecting birds within range of hunters’ guns but they are now more likely to be seen on collectors’ shelves because beautifully carved examples are much sought after. The decoy duck was probably devised by North American Indians. In , 11 canvasback duck decoys, all more than years old, were discovered in a Nevada cave.

Forerunners of the modern decoy, each was fashioned from rushes and feathers and had an anchor tether. American colonists, with better tools, gradually improved on the Indian decoys, devising more durable, lightweight wooden duck decoys. These would be placed on the water in naturalistic groups, downwind of the hunter’s boat or hide all birds land into the wind and wild birds, thinking the water was safe, would be lured in to land among the decoys. Each decoy had an anchor attached by a line, so it would bob on the water but would not be blown away or carried off on the tide.

Hunters also used decoys of swans and geese to lure these birds and would often include a decoy of a particularly wary bird, such as a heron, to give the wild birds confidence. Wading birds were lured to the guns with shorebird decoys mounted on sticks and thrust into the muddy margins. Local craftsmen were also making their own, using whatever wood and tools were to hand to fashion them.

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You can find all types of amazing treasures throughout the world. Searching on the Internet or going to museums, you can see many pieces in all shapes and sizes. If you would like help determining whether your pieces are ivory or plastic we can help. We can also help you establish antique and vintage ivory value.

Aug 31,  · Decoys are used by hunters to lure ducks within shotgun range as those ducks look to flock up with others. In Maine, duck season takes place in the fall, and in some cases into early winter.

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