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You will see the restaurant which serves good Ngau Chap beef noodles and Oyster Omelet: Lam Ah Kopitiam Address: Beef brisket, beef tendon and beef tripe! I ordered a crispy version of the oyster omelet — notice the amount of oil to deep fry the batter and eggs to guarantee a crispy goodness! Personally — I like the crispy texture of the batter but I felt the oyster omelet has not satisfied me — I am sure there are better ones in Penang within walking distance that I could try! Perhaps my next trip! The boss has bought over this mansion and restored it while adding his own personal collection of antiques!


Penang is a delightful mix of history, culture, beaches and fooood. There is always a new place to discover, new dish to taste. The series of wall murals combine with 3D props to reflect everyday life of the locals.

Penang is full of street food stalls and food courts, but Chulia Street is the best place to get a bite of the action. Casual, adventurous, loads of action to see and people watching to do from the amazing shitty plastic chairs that are a staple of street food in Asia.

Posted 27 March – Also the appropriately named love Lane off Jalan Chulia and the few streets which join into Jalan Chulia. Really you need to walk the area to see what is going on. No use using a car here. Same times apply for Leith Street and Jalan Chulia. These LBs are so bad with the exception of Bonita that most LB lovers would be scared shitless seeing these monsters and immediately revert to heterosexual leanings.

But hey what a bunch of Munchkins. No pics of these girls, sorry, but they are at least a bit younger and less gruesome than their sisters at the Halo Crystal bar, but not much. Chances are there will be a different bunch next month but I doubt the quality will improve. So the LBs come and go same as Thailand and everywhere else but here in Penang it seems to change almost nightly, certainly weekly and monthly so by the time this report goes up it will be out of date.

Was in the Soho bar last Wednesday and counted nine Thai LBs and GGs and one was a real stunner but she was the only one and she was heavily involved with some fat guy. Remember this really is the best of a very third rate, mediocre bunch of hookers.

Penang Food Guide: Where to find the best food in Penang!

Famously known as Nasi Kandar Beratur Queue-Up Nasi Kandar , this place is for hardcore nasi kandar enthusiasts — or if you have been out clubbing late and do not mind standing in line for some of the best nasi kandar you will ever taste. They only open at Locals say it is definitely worth the long wait — indeed you will have probably have to queue no less than 30 minutes before you can place an order.

A mixture of hand-ground spices seasons the curries — think thick, creamy and flavourful, with just a hint of piquancy for certain gravies.

Dubbed a World Heritage Church, the Church of the Assumption is one of the oldest church in Penang founded by Captain Francis Light when he first came to Penang. With its heavily Western influenced architecture, this church adorned with white is the perfect place to shoot minimalist shots.

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Places to Visit in Penang

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Reflecting the multicultural background of the island, Penang cuisine showcases the beautiful mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian flavours. And the beauty of this cuisine is presented in each dish found at Penang Place Restaurant. This is a must visit destination for fans of Penang food. A wholesome buffet line with 30 specialities: Prepared by exclusive chefs from Penang, the buffet is an exhaustive selection of mouth-watering hawker favourites, and refreshing, colourful desserts.

With so many delights on offer, it surely is a great value for money. One of the best Penang Char Kway Teow in town: Served piping hot with smoky flavour, this signature dish will make you drool with the aroma itself. With loads of prawns, cockles, squids, fish cakes, eggs, bean sprouts, and scallions, each Char Kway Teow batch flies away as soon as it is laid out. Have fun with the live cooking stations and create some selected dishes in your own way:

Best High Tea Places in Penang

Or anything romantic for that matter… Look no further. I fell in love with the charm of Penang and came to recognize that its date-worthiness is very underrated. With its pretty rainbow buildings dating back to the 19th century and endless archways, Penang is PERFECT for romantic walks and is full of date spots. Check out more Date Spots around the globe here. Picking a place to go is hard work though There are endless reviews of hundreds of great restaurants and bars, but which ones are date spots?

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Crowds of residents and tourists are flocking to a cluster of roadside stalls to order tangy fruit salads and spicy noodles in tamarind soup. Penang is a beloved paradise for street food, after all. But a few steps away from the bustle, the discreet doorway of a nearly century-old building offers a tantalising glimpse into an alternative landscape for food lovers.

And our baked speciality of chorizo, tomato, egg and manchego cheese. Head to Farquhar Mansion, a restaurant that opened in in a stately two-storey bungalow. Upstairs, a kaleidoscope of portraits blankets the walls and the ceiling, depicting everything from pink flamingos to Marilyn Monroe. These structures range from the modest to the magnificent, furnishing memorable ambiances with a rich sense of history for restaurants.

What we sell here is social lubricant. Jawi House, located in a 19th-century building on a street once known for brass and copper merchants, dishes out cherished recipes handed down through the generations, blending local Malay culinary traditions with South Asian and Middle Eastern influences.


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Everyone is familiar with the iconic love-lock bridge (the same models are adopted in France, Korea Germany, Italy and more) on Penang Hill but its the breath-taking view is out of this world. At 2, feet above, the temperature drops to 25C degrees at night – the perfect temperature to cuddle.

Eat like a local in JB As Malaysians, we know that the best way to get to know a place and its people is through food. Hence, when I moved out to Johor Bahru for a few years, getting to know its people was exactly what I set out to do! Here are 12 eateries that have made it to my good food list for Johor Bahru. Famous among the locals, you can find the walls of the stall covered with newspaper articles featuring their food, which says a lot about how good they are.

Braised for several hours, the duck meat at Taika Huat is wonderfully tender and juicy. This is so that you can fit in all of the other fantastic side dishes such as braised tofu, beancurd and their special slow cooked fermented veggies. Look for a row of shops and veer towards the one with the Malaysian flag sticking out the front of the stall. Bukit Chagar Roti Canai Located close to the immigration point, this quaint little stall can be found packed full of customers every morning.

This family-run business has rolling out dough by hand for over 20 years. They have managed to perfect a method of flipping their dough to give it a ton of air pockets. This means that when cooked, the roti is not only wonderfully crispy on the outside but also soft and fluffy on the inside because of its multiple layers. Just right for tearing apart with your hands!

Meet Pee Lovers In Malaysia

Ferringhi Garden Photo credit: Soo tf A garden-themed restaurant, tastefully decorated with Mediterranean-inspired interior design, Ferringhi Garden is unmistakably one of our favourite places for an idyllic night out. The menu selection is generous. Ferringi Grill Photo credit: Shangri-La Feringgi Grill provides more than just excellent food; the opulent ambiance coupled with its friendly service makes it a winner for a memorable date night.

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Dating ladyboys in Kuala

Understand[ edit ] Roof of the Khoo Kongsi clan house, Georgetown Penang was part of the Malay sultanate of Kedah until , when Captain Francis Light built a fort at the site of present-day Georgetown and managed to get the island ceded to the British East India Company. The name Pulau Pinang translated literally from Malay means “betel nut island”. During the early and middle part of the last century, Penang Island was also known as “The Pearl of the Orient”.

Top 20 places to go dating places in penang island romantic dating places to remember and a private venue to makeout. Address: best attractions, which one place to visit in penang, and which one place. Romantic restaurants in penang is the best penang singles at mingle2.

Filed in best hawker centres March 22, Image: Conveniently located in the heart of Chinatown, this food court is a great place to get local traditional dishes with varied menus and cheap prices. Highlights You can find all the must-try local foods here: Being the largest hawker centre in Singapore with over food stalls, Chinatown Complex Food Centre offers foodies a full range of local dishes from chilli crab, black pepper crab, BBQ stingray, BBQ chicken wings, satay, carrot cake, char kway teow, Hokkien mee, chicken rice, bak kut teh, frog porridge, dim sum, lor mee, prawn noodles to kway chap and pork intestine as well as popular desserts like ice kachang, chendol, tau suan, and soya beancurd.

Foods are offered at the cheapest prices: Food prices at Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre are very reasonable and competitive because there are many stalls selling similar foods. Recommended food stalls 1. Tue to Thur from Steamed dumplings — Price: Tue to Fri Jia Ji Mei Shi — Recommended dishes: Hong Kong style dim sum dishes — Price: Wed to Sun

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