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Regrettable sale of Unimog s radio box campervan conversion. The conversion was intended for overland travel through either Africa or South America. However, due to work and other commitments this did not occur and I have had to settle with a shorter excursion and successful shake down test! Key features are detailed below: Designed as 2 man overland expedition vehicle. MOT recently renewed – next due May Free road tax due to historic vehicle status. Portal axles provide excellent ground clearance. Radio box 3m x 2m fitted to chassis on 3 point mounting. Under body storage for 3x 20litre jerry cans.

Dometic ACX40G with Gas Canister Cradle

We do not accept PO Boxes as a delivery address. Overseas British Forces please contact us for a shipping quote. Order Processing We aim to process your order within 2 working days for in-stock items. Special Order items may take up to 10 working days during the peak Spring and Summer seasons and 28 days during the Autumn and Winter seasons. Should there be a delay with processing your order, we will keep you informed of the situation by email and telephone. Orders are delivered during normal office hours and will require a signature upon receipt of the goods.

Mains powered 10 Litre Water Storage Heater designed especially for the caravan and motorhome market. Pull up, hook up and switch on to ensure lashings of hot water will always be available with this mains powered water storage heater from Propex Heat Source.

This fuse fault appears to be common on Truma combi units especially on continental campsites. My Combi 4 was working fine on gas and electric in France until about the end of September then no electric water or heating. Contacted Truma by email fault code two quick yellow flashes then five seconds delay repeat. They gave out the same information as in the boiler handbook, try reset button and check fuse. The boiler is totally inaccessible under the rear travelling seats in my Brevio so they finally suggest taking to dealer on return.

Had it fixed by the dealer and on collection managed to talk to an engineer about the problem, who had recently been on a Truma course. It had taken them nearly a day to dismantle seats and access boiler and they had found that the 10amp volt slow blow fuse situated under the boiler had blown. This fuse evidently is a safety requirement for boilers installed in vehicles! It is not supposed to blow and it is made difficult for untrained personnel to access as it is mains voltage and not meant for replacement by the consumer.

The vehicles electrical trip suppling the boiler should blow first as it should not allow excessive current caused by short circuit.

Carado 6 Berth

That sounds as though one of the thermal cutouts has failed. There are two side by side. One cuts out at degrees; the other at

You can buy online from us without setting up an account or having a PayPal account even tho paypal is the stated payment method. At the end of the checkout you can still buy with debit or credit card.

The Which Antifreeze and how often to change How often do you need to change the Antifreeze solution? Well, it depends on the solution that is in there now. Most UK manufactured caravans, certainly my Bailey van, are filled with two year Antifreeze. This means that the solution should be changed when the van is two years old. The reason for changing at this time is that although the anti freezing part is still working, the corrosion inhibiters included in it are reaching the end of their effectiveness.

Alde recommend using a 5 year life solution and you should ensure this is what is used when you get the fluid changed. There is a lot of talk about the need to fully flush the system on changing the fluid and of the non compatibility of Antifreeze solutions. Correspondence with Alde can be read below, but, the main thing that comes out of it is that Comma Xstream G40 is the one to use as it is fully backwards compatible and considerably cheaper than Alde’s own branded one.

Swift Challenger ‘Sport’ SR

Stand out from the crowd with this beautiful British camper. Very reluctant sale due to an expanding family. Recently stripped and repainted in classic green, sealed under body, repaired passenger and driver doors.

What’s it all about? At home we don’t really think much about power sources and capacities – it’s all there ‘on tap’. In our motorhomes things are rather different, we need a portable and reliable heat source source and while you can ‘have a hook-up’ to mains electricity on site, that may not always be convenient. Vehicles normally rely on 12 volt batteries for mobile power but this just isn’t.

Page 3 If you have any queries that are not covered the following options are available: Visit the Explorer Group on-line at www. Safety Recommendations In order for you to get the most out of your new This is always provided by fixed ventilation 3 years of age, use the upper bunk. Explorer Group caravan it is necessary for you within the fitted roof skylight. All roof skylights 9. Ensure heavy and large items are secured to be aware of the following.


The boat has not been used for around 6 or 7 years, my father in law took her out of the water to refit her and gave up. I took on the project but have just not had the time to do much. The boat is currently moored on the Thames near Pangbourne.

If you connect to the on-site mains water system there is no need to lug around heavy waterhogs or aquarolls for your camping water supply. Connections for .

Why Do I Need a Battery? How The System Works There are two electrical systems in most modern caravans This supplies power through a hook up lead to the refrigerator, three pin mains sockets, v lighting if fitted , a transformer if fitted , emerson heater if fitted , and v space heater if fitted. Why Are There Two Systems? The v mains system runs all house hold appliances such as T. It also runs high wattage appliances such as fridges and kettles. The 12v system runs all low wattage items such as water pumps, striplights etc.

A battery is used for the 12v system. If a power cut occurred you will still have lights and water. This is why it is important to check the operation of the battery. How Is My Battery Charged?

Whale Aquasource Mains Water Hook Up

Some require minimal work with minimal materials. Other sewer main installs require lots of excavation and red tape to ensure everything is up to code. While you may not be able to control everything, knowing all cost factors and understanding how each affects the bottom line will surely help you keep your final sewer line replacement price down.

mains/gas/cooking/hot water as we are used to here – this may be one of them especially given its age. — > discharged it by removing the v hook up so not allowing the v to > 12 v You mentioned a Truma fan, a car type radio and I assume a 12v water pump. Feed such a radio AC and it will self.

It may seem complicated to the newcomer, but a few minutes spent understanding the basic principles, common terms and definitions in use will be worthwhile in ensuring your enjoyment of our product. Measurement Of Nose Weight, Towing Vehicle’s Rear Suspension Another simple method is to use bathroom scales and a suitable piece of strong timber as a platform to rest the tow hitch on. The timber can be placed vertically between the caravan tow hitch and the bathroom scales. The timber should be of such length that when the caravan tow hitch is lowered onto it, using the jockey wheel, the caravan floor is horizontal.

Recommended Tow Ball Height There are a number of suspension aids available and advice should be sought on which to use and how to fit. It is important to ensure that the caravan is towed either level or slightly nose down. The remainder should be distributed to give a suitable noseweight at the towing coupling see illustration.

The weight should be distributed so that each side Rotating the caravans jockey wheel handle can do this. Page 20 The final positioning should be carried out by manoeuvring the caravan by hand.

Truma combi not working on elec

Aquasource Mains Water Hook Up Vehicles this part fits. The dating age rule in virginia way to draw water from the mains supply into the caravan, with no electrical connections required. Im thinking of buying a Whale aquasource mains water connection kit. The Whale Aquasource provides a reliable continuous supply of water without using battery power and is suitable for either microswitch or pressure hungarian matchmaking systems. Take a look at the.

Follow @caravanadviceuk Caravan Technical Questions. Here’s the form for you to send your questions to us. Below the form are a selection of the caravan technical questions you have already sent to us.

The freedom it gives you is enormous, no more listening to see if the water pump is going to run for longer than usual signifying that the water roll is dry… again. And no more trips dragging said water roll across that freshly mown grass only to find it looks more like a large sushi roll when you get it back. Many caravaners invest in the mains adapter kit that means the water roll is automatically topped up as you use it.

Water rolls hold anything up to 51 litres of water 40 litres normally and there is easily 20 litres in the roll that you have to dump. Whale however have the solution. Instead of connecting a hose to the water roll, you connect instead direct to your van. I contacted Whale about it and they have an adapter and extension pipe just for this occasion.

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It was especially good to meet someone with extensive knowledge combined with traditional values in customer care and in doing a good job at a sensible rate. We have stocks of both new and remanufactured items. Apart from the paragraph above explaining what we do, that is all the advertising you will see on most of the information pages.

You can browse this website, free from any hardsell, it is about information.

Comfort. 8ft Overall width gives unsurpassed interior living space. ALDE Underfloor heating, works in synergy with the ALDE Central Heating System, allowing .

Caravan Essentials Checklist 19th Nov David Avery Planning your first caravanning trip is an exciting time, luckily nowadays, holidaymakers are spoilt for choice with the many different campsites to visit both locally and overseas. Although you may be eager to set off, there are key pieces of equipment you must invest into and keep on board to not only guarantee comfort, but also to remain safe throughout your travels.

To take the weight of researching and compiling your own list off your shoulders, we have devised the ultimate caravan essentials checklist to give you an insight into what your first purchases should be. For many, a caravan is a home from home, perfectly equipped with furniture, decorations and utilities to create a welcoming, comfortable environment to spend the holidays. If you have recently purchased your first caravan, it may come as a shock the extensive of equipment required just for one trip.

There is a long list of essentials that must be packed before you can consider homely finishing touches, the most important of which we have included below. Water Pump Water is vital for everyday living, whether this may be for drinking, cooking or washing, so you want there to be an easily accessible water source while travelling in your caravan.

Most caravans come with a pump which can be connected to your water container, how always check just in case. The flow rate of your water pump will depend on whether you have a shower on board or not. If you have a shower, you will need a high flow rate, but if not, a lower flow rate will be sufficient. If your caravan does not come with a water pump, not to worry, take a look at this handy Truma page to help to find the best option for you.

Fire Extinguisher Fire safety is vital no matter where you are; all passengers must be safe at all times while travelling, so a fire extinguisher should be one of your first purchases.

Truma ultraflow range

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